Differences Between Massage Therapists and Chiropractics?

Differences Between Massage Therapists and Chiropractics?

There seems to be a prevalent misconception that there is a close link between chiropractic practices and massage therapy. The truth is that these practices are completely separate from one another. Let’s start with what massage therapists do. They work the soft tissues and muscles within the […]

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Sports and Fitness Massage Tips

Exercise can put strain on the muscles and leave you feeling sore and tired. This is a normal occurrence when trying to stay fit but getting a sports and fitness massage can help you alleviate muscle soreness can make you feel relaxed. It is also good to […]

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Why Yoga Studios Love to Hire Massage Therapists

The demand for highly qualified yoga teachers is higher than ever these days. The ancient Indian practice has become a favorite form of physical exercise and mental getaway for people all over the country. Yoga studios are springing up in towns everywhere and are all jam-packed with […]

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Popular Books on Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent career choice for the person who knows about the power of the hands and healing. An excellent therapist can open the door to true relaxation, relief from pain, and greater flexibility. There are many health conditions that merit a visit to a […]

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Health Risks for Massages?

The word massage is a generic term for manipulating the skin, muscles, and ligaments. They have been touted for their many benefits and are no longer limited to luxury spas, becoming available in businesses, hospitals, and even airports. It is being used as both a complementary and […]

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What You Need to Know about Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an ancient practice that is often viewed by many people as a luxury. While they may plan for a massage on a vacation or as a preparation for an upcoming special event, many people tend to overlook the powerful health benefits that massage has […]

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Benefits of Massage After a Marathon

Marathons are among the most grueling athletic activity an athlete can engage in. When marathon runners feel like stopping, they keep going until their bodies and minds are exhausted. In recent years, more runners are going for massages to replenish their bodies and encourage recovery after marathons. […]

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Pregnancy Massages Explained

A massage is a relaxing way for a person to soothe the common aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy. Whether it is offered as a gift to an expectant mother or she schedules one for herself, most women claim that a massage during pregnancy was […]

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Job Searching for Massage Therapists

Once men and women have enthusiastically earned their massage therapy certifications from a reputable educational outlet, they will still face the daunting task of finding a job as soon as possible. With the tough economy and the competition within the field, this can be difficult. There are […]

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Common Types of Massages

Whether you’ve had a rough week or a long day, massage therapy can take all of the aches and pains away and leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant and relaxed from head to toe. Certainly one of the finer things in life, there are different types of massages […]

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