Cupping Massage Explained

One of the benefits of massage therapy is the reality that multiple types of massage are available to help therapists meet the needs of their clients well. Cupping massage is one of the less understood techniques available to the modern massage therapist. Whether you are a patient who is considering this massage technique for yourself or a therapist who is considering adding this to your repertoire, here is what you need to understand about this technique.

massage therapy techWhat Is Massage Cupping Therapy?
Massage cupping therapy is not a new technique. It has been practice for centuries in China, but it is fairly new in the modern Western world. Massage cupping therapy uses round, plastic cups, or bulbs, placed on afflicted areas. A vacuum is created inside the cup, which pulls on the skin and muscles underneath. This is where the healing takes place.

How Does It Work?
In the early days of cupping, practitioners would talk about using the cups to draw toxins out of the body. This left many people skeptical, wondering how plastic or glass cups could do anything of the sort. However, there is actual science behind the belief in cupping therapy.

When the vacuum is created in the cups, it pulls on the skin and tissues underneath. The force of the vacuum draws blood and nutrients into the damaged or injured tissue. When the area is saturated with fresh blood, stagnant blood is pushed out, and with it the toxins that are hurting the body. New blood also creates the development of new blood vessels, and this contributes to the long lasting effects of cupping therapy. The new blood and new blood vessels continue to bring nutrients and oxygen to the area long after the therapy is completed.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy works for almost anyone, with the exception of pregnant women or those who are dealing with bleeding disorders. It can relive pain and inflammation, enhance circulation and contribute to the release of toxins. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain, chronic fatigue, bronchial congestion, arthritis and even anxiety report improvement of their symptoms after cupping therapy. This interesting technique is a great addition to the modern massage practice!

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