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About Our Diploma Program

Welcome to NC Massage School, where your aspiration to become a professional massage therapist becomes a reality. Our 650-hour Clinical Neuromuscular and Structural Bodywork diploma program is carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience in massage therapy. Here, we don’t just teach; we guide you on a transformative journey to professional excellence.

Flexible and Comprehensive Program Structure

Our program offers the flexibility to suit your lifestyle and commitments, with options for a 6-month full-time or a 12-month part-time schedule. This program is a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, ensuring a well-rounded education in massage therapy.

As a student, you will delve into the fundamentals of massage therapy, gaining a solid foundation upon which to build advanced skills. The curriculum is extensive, covering essential aspects such as the basics of massage therapy, advanced techniques in Clinical Neuromuscular and Structural Bodywork, detailed studies in anatomy and physiology, professional ethics in massage therapy, and indispensable business skills for managing and growing a successful practice.

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Why Our Program Stands Out

At NC Massage School, our diploma program is not just an educational journey; it’s a pathway to becoming a distinguished professional in massage therapy. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive program that goes beyond basic instruction, providing you with both a Diploma and a Certification in Clinical Neuromuscular and Structural Bodywork. This dual recognition not only bolsters your professional credibility but also equips you with specialized skills that are in high demand in the massage therapy industry.

Learn more about our curriculum:

  • Anatomy & Physiology: Dive deep into the human body with 80 hours of extensive study, essential for understanding client needs.
  • Pathology & Kinesiology: 20 hours of Pathology and 10 hours of Kinesiology training to understand the mechanics and conditions of the body.
  • Eastern Pathology & Maniken® Muscles: 20 hours dedicated to Eastern Pathology and 50 hours on Maniken® Muscles, blending traditional and modern approaches.
  • Professional Development & Ethics: 8 hours of Professional Development and 15 hours of Ethics, ensuring you are skilled and a well-rounded, ethical practitioner.
  • Comprehensive Massage Techniques: 135 hours of Swedish Massage and 115 hours of Neuromuscular Therapy, covering a broad spectrum of techniques.
  • Hands-On Experience: 100 hours of Supervised Clinical Internship, providing real-world experience under expert supervision.

Distinguished Faculty and Location

We take pride in our distinguished faculty, a team of passionate and seasoned instructors who are more than just educators – they are mentors. Each faculty member brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, enriching the classroom with invaluable insights and guidance. Our program is held at our serene campus in Cornelius, NC, a tranquil setting that enhances learning and practice.

This nurturing environment, combined with our accreditation by the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy, ensures our program upholds the highest quality standards in massage therapy education.

Flexible Scheduling Options

  • Full-Time 6-Month Program: Designed for intensive learning, with classes from Monday to Thursday, providing a fast track to your career.
  • Part-Time 12-Month Program: A more relaxed schedule spread over a year is ideal for those balancing education with other commitments.

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Preparing You For Success

We understand that becoming a skilled massage therapist involves more than just learning techniques. Our program is designed to cultivate a holistic understanding of the field, preparing you for real-world challenges. You will graduate with the knowledge, confidence, and professionalism needed to excel in various settings, be it wellness centers, spas, or private practice.

The skills and certification you gain from our diploma program open doors to countless opportunities in the dynamic field of massage therapy. Whether you aim to start your practice or join an established wellness center, our program is the first step towards realizing those goals.

Take the First Step

Are you ready to start your journey in massage therapy? Enroll now in our upcoming semester and turn your passion into a thriving profession.

Come and discover why NC Massage School is the ultimate choice to help you pursue a fulfilling and successful career in massage therapy. Explore our programs, classes, and instruction today, and experience the difference that sets us apart from the rest.


We provide personalized training in the art and science of therapeutic massage, focusing on advanced-level professional careers, continuing education, and personal growth. Our philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach, which encourages our students to explore personal development of the mind, body, and spirit.


“What has impressed me the most is the instructor’s teaching style. While it is accepted that certain protocols must be followed, their hands-on approach is informative and encouraging.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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