Is Becoming A Massage Therapist A Good Career Choice in 2023?

Why Become a Massage Therapist

If you enjoy helping people and are interested in a career with good job security and income potential, you may want to consider massage therapy.

Working as a massage therapist offers many rewards. You will not only be in great demand, but you’ll also play a part in helping people heal from wounds, cope with stress, and feel better all around. That’s on top of its excellent earning potential.

Here are some of the best reasons why earning a massage degree could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

1) Excellent Income Potential

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a good living. Massage therapy is a way to do that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for massage therapists is over $43k—well over $20 per hour. Experienced massage therapists, in time, can eventually earn up to $80k. Working for a chiropractic office tends to offer the most in earnings for the best return on your investment.

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2) Expanding Job Opportunities

It’s always best to work in a field that has a high demand, and massage therapy meets that requirement. It is projected that from 2020 to 2030, there will be a 32% increase in jobs, far quicker than the national average. You will be in high demand nationwide with training and certification as a massage therapist. You’ll never be at a loss for work.

3) Fast and Affordable Degree Path

Massage therapy is one of the few professional careers with a relatively fast path to licensing. Most students can acquire the necessary study hours in about two years to achieve licensure. This shortened certification time means less money spent on schooling and more opportunities to work part-time while conducting your studies.

4) Freedom To Work For Yourself

The ability to work for yourself, if you so choose, is one of the added benefits of obtaining a massage therapy license. As long as they hold the appropriate degree, massage therapists can work independently and establish their own practices. This enables you to nurture your clientele and enjoy increased scheduling flexibility.

5) Ability to Change Lives

One of the main benefits of being a massage therapist is being able to help customers feel better. Massage therapists can make a real difference in people’s lives by delivering pain relief and enabling them to recover from severe injuries or illnesses, get out of bed more easily, walk more easily, reduce headaches, and enjoy better overall health.

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6) Career Flexibility

Massage therapists can find employment in various settings, including spas, gyms, chiropractic offices, hospitals, and more. Another benefit of this career path is the range of jobs available. Because of your flexibility, it will be simple to obtain a job should your circumstances change and you need to relocate.

7) Job Satisfaction

Overall, massage therapists report feeling quite satisfied with their careers. According to the 2021 U.S. News 100 Best Jobs poll, massage therapy was listed as one of the best career paths to follow. Pursuing such a degree can allow you to experience similar satisfaction.

Getting Started Is Simple

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