How Massage Can Help Treat Pain in MS Patients

qqMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that impacts the central nervous system by disrupting the flow of information within an individual’s brain, and it also impacts the flow of information between the brain and body. If it sounds complex, it is. And one of the worst aspects of this disabling disease is that is can also be unpredictable.

While each person’s battle with MS can be very different, some of the most common symptoms include extreme fatigue, troubles with mobility, altered sensations, and visual disturbances. Both the good and the bad news is that MS symptoms can come and go, lessen and worsen, and change at any given time.

Since the cause of MS is still unknown, individuals suffering from this disease often have a difficult time finding relief for their pain and discomfort. While there are now some FDA-approved medications that have been found to delay the progression and reduce the number of relapses, there still is not an actual cure for MS. As a result, many patients seek alternative treatments as well to find relief and keep their symptoms at bay.

One popular treatment for pain in MS patients is massage, and there are several ways that massage can be beneficial for these individuals.

Stress Management
Suffering from a chronic and unpredictable disease can often cause a lot of stress and anxiety for MS patients. It is difficult to go through life not knowing when your symptoms may flare back up again, and it is discouraging to know that there is not a cure for what you are experiencing. Massage is an extremely effective treatment for reducing tension and relieving stress. Additionally, having regular massages can also increase the amount of deep sleep that an individual experiences. And the deeper sleep you can get, the less pain you typically have.

Pain Management
Another perk of receiving massages on a regular basis is that it can be very helpful at reducing and treating chronic pain. Getting a massage helps to increase the production of serotonin within the body, and serotonin is a natural painkiller. Plus, massage also enhances circulation and relaxation, which can help to calm down an individual’s sensory nerves.

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