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Ethics, to create a professional environment!

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For everyone in the business of Physical Therapy, it´s extremely important to  have a good knowledge and respect for the Ethic Code of Conduct established by the Medical Spa Association, because this is the main tool, we have, to keep each treatment as polite, efficient and comfortable to both the client and the therapist.

Now, avoiding unprofessional situations can be quite difficult, because of the setting and the context of most Spas, Medical Massages and Treatments. A fair quote is the one expressed by Yunesa on her Blog Post “Preventing or Avoiding Sexual Advances in a Spa, Massage Setting (50+ Ways of Handling Client Advances)“:  ”Let me be clear that there is no one way to totally avoid sexual advances or offers of such. Massage is by nature an intimate and pleasurable experience but it is not intended to sexually gratify a person. Some spa and massage therapies require the client to be semi-nude and sometimes naked.”, and this is exactly why, having a strong code of ethics can benefit the therapists and the clients at the same time.

And following this believe, we include in our Online Continuing Education Program, the following classes:

Ethical Treatment of Trauma and Abuse Survivors

Ethics-Sex, Sexuality and Touch

Ethical Practice Management

Ethical Principles

As well as for our Diploma Program, where we address 15 hrs of Ethics classes.

So, be sure, that with NC Massage School, you will receive all tools and knowledge to become an efficient and well trained professional.

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