The Aspiration to Prevent Hip, Knee, & Shoulder Replacements – CANCELLED

The Aspiration to Prevent Hip, Knee, & Shoulder Replacements

July 18-19, 2020

9:00-6:00 each day
Registration begins at 8:30 on Saturday

16 CEs

Instructor: Dale G. Alexander
NCBTMB Approved Provider #055352-00

Early Registration – $325
After June 20, 2020 – Registration Rate is $350


The Aspiration to Prevent Hip, Knee, & Shoulder Replacements…

Dale G. Alexander Ph.D. MA, BSEd, L.M.T. has had a Clinical Massage Therapy practice in Key West, Fla. since 1980. He has specialized in addressing chronic somatic dysfunction throughout his career and was named the top CE Provider of 2016 by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

The need is growing: By 2030, total knee replacement (TKR) surgeries will see a 673% increase. In 2008, 63% of all knee replacement operations were performed on women. Half of those seeking TKR’s are younger than 65.

The established models for why knee, hip, and shoulder replacements occur do not include many relevant anatomical relationships that feed into these degenerations.

As Allied Health professionals “we can’t help all, yet we can assist many more than we ever imagined.”

To help, we are required to have a more comprehensive anatomic understanding and the palpation skill sets to apply this knowledge.

Dale Alexander strives to contribute to a foundation for us in the manual therapy professions to build a commonly accepted model of how and why the progression of hip, knee and shoulder joint degenerations occur and what we might do to stabilize their downward spirals.

His clinical experiences evidences that if these degenerations are identified in their early stages, these progressions may even be reversed.

Dale believes this course pioneers an understanding of how we as allied health practitioners may contribute to people who desire to lead more full and active lives as they age.

Identifying these 3 joint degenerations in their earlier stages is a necessary skill as is a willingness to encourage one’s clients to seek a full medical evaluation. And, Dale cautions potential participants that if they select to add these skills sets and understandings, they must be willing to reframe their notions of what assisting a client in practical terms, means.

Most clients who seek you out in the beginning will be looking for a miracle. Sometimes this does occur. It’s quite exhilarating when it does. However, it is his considerable experience that assisting clients to make functional progress thus, delaying an eventual surgery or, sometimes even encouraging it to happen sooner can be quite satisfying.

Clients often feel like they have a new lease on their quality of life following a joint replacement and most often will work with you to assist their rehabilitation. As a result, long term therapeutic relationships are formed.

This is the pragmatic philosophy behind the title of the course.

During this workshop you will learn:
* The “Sacs and Tubes Theory of Stress”

*The hip and shoulder have an innate evolutionary pre-disposition for subluxation

*To help the knee, one must begin with the hip

*The viscera must be mobilized to help the hips… the kinetic chain begins “inside”

*That there is a fascial linkage between the shoulders, hips, and knees

*That subcortical reflexes are a stealth variable contributing to joint degenerations

*That attention to these same relationships assists to resolve many chronic low back conditions

*That infections & pathologies may lurk in the background of joint degeneration

*An assessment protocol for early detection of hip, knee, & shoulder degeneration

*How to counsel clients toward medical options

Techniques will be demonstrated and practiced that:
*Assist the femoral and humeral heads to “recapture” their joint space and the femoral condyles to find their “tracking” in relationship to the tibial plateaus

*Assist the myofascial suspension and re-balancing of these and related joints

*Mobilize the related viscera which co-participate in these degenerations

*Mobilize the joints of the pelvis, lumbars, & cervical spine to assist in distribution of strain

*Reduce the systemic congestion which inevitably participates in such degenerations

This course has organically grown out of Dale’s personal experience. In 1983 Dale and his step-son were hit head-on by a drunk driver. Both experienced severe orthopedic injuries. Dale’s right hip was shattered, the tibial plateaus were fractured, and his ankle broken along with additional facial and neck trauma.

An intrinsic understanding began to grow within his clinical awareness as more and more clients started to show up with varying degrees of hip, knee, and shoulder degeneration.

Workshop Logistics:

Registration begins 8:30 am Saturday 7/18/2020
Course hours: 9am-6pm / both days
NCB Provider # 055352-00

What to Bring to Workshops: Massage table linens & 3 pillows.
Attire during technique practice exchange needs to allow access to the abdomen…
sports bra and shorts or underwear. Light blanket to provide warmth as may be needed in A/C. Packed lunch, beverages, and snacks to keep your blood sugar level.

Additional Inside-Out Paradigm© Perspective:
With humility, I have been incredibly lucky In my life to have had exceptional teachers who laid a foundation for how to serve those with chronic dysfunction… and, now with even more gratitude to those clients who were divinely sent to me to further my education into comprehending “how the body really works.”

Please note, that none of this is rocket science, once understood.

All of the above have oriented me toward the identifying the “common progressions of physiological and anatomic degradations during the aging process.”

My courses reflect a distillation of this understanding with specific themes…

All of us are living laboratories…

I am 67 at the time of this writing and have physical difficulties as all of us do.

Genetic predispositions, accretion of trauma, illnesses, and ongoing stresses combine to present us with echoes that contribute to our present afflictions, whatever they may be.

Most are not understood. I will add to your comprehension.

It is through understanding the anatomy and physiological relationships that truly are prioritized by our collective evolution as a species that we may enhance our capacity to serve our clients and patients… here I speak to all who use “hands on” as their primary or ancillary means to assist those who come to them:

• LMT’s, AP’s, DC’s, PT’s, DO’s, OT’s, Movement Practitioners, & Nurses

We can assist even more who seek our capacity to help them when we include the visceral organs into our conceptions of body mechanics, neurological function and blood flow.

Simply stated, the visceral organs have been left out of all Western Models of healing. Kudos to Acupuncture and Touch for Health practitioners for recognizing their hierarchal importance in evolutionary design. Our viscera are the 1st responders to trauma, illnesses and ongoing stress.

All of the visceral organs are slung forward down from the cranium and from the front of the cervical vertebrae all the way to the pelvic floor. As their tensions increase, they pull on their osseous moorings displacing them and eventually the soft tissues step up to protect the involved joints.

Initially, it seems complex yet, with review of the anatomy, it becomes a simple organizational design. An artistic flow that has evolutionary inherited variations yet, resiliency. We are fragile and, we can re-boot our reserves. This is an essential healing conception and inspiration addressed in each course.

What has been missed is that our organ systems rule our body’s health. They cringe, they shorten, narrow, and even twist in response to trauma, illness, or ongoing stresses. This pulls our posture forward and down. It is not rocket science.

Compression, congestion, and dis-coordination of the autonomic nervous system are the x, y, z axes of functional thinking when assisting people with chronic dysfunction.

Myofascial tissues do only one thing… they contract… their contraction both produces motion or inhibits it. One of the primary function of muscles is to pump our fluids back toward the heart/lung complex.

When the soft tissues over-react to a joint slipping toward the edge of its normal range of motion, they default to a “palace guard function” of locking it down to protect the joint from dislocation..

Sadly, when this occurs, both the joint and the palace guards are starved of the nutrients, hormones, and oxygen that may revitalize them toward healing and normal function.

This is what people pay us for…to unlock these reflexive and primitive responses. Clients and patients do not comprehend this. It is our responsibility to understand these progressions as professional and educated health practitioners.

“Until old blood moves out, new blood cannot get in.”

Such a simple thesis yet, it took me 25 years to fully recognize this variable. Crucial to assist any joint related dysfunction and postural distortion including a degradation toward replacement of the hip, knee, or shoulder.

“On a moment to moment basis 70% of one’s blood is below the diaphragm.” This defines one of our most important therapeutic goals…To facilitate blood flow back to the heart & lungs !

Let us remember the Starling Rule of the Heart:

The heart can only pump out what is has been received…
an essential factor in any client who presents with chronic dysfunction and pain…ischemia anywhere produces pain !

The most important element is to stimulate systemic circulation. This is how we serve our clients in their desire to restore their quality of life.

I was fortunate to have had a few mentors who catalyzed my comprehension of body mechanics and how the Flexor / Extensor reflex system works.

My clients over 4 decades have assisted me to understand that the hip and the shoulder have a predisposition to slip posterior and anterior respectively. And, that the esophagus has a genetic and traumatic reflexive function of pulling the head down and forward upon the neck.

Falling is our ancestral fragility as it is now. Injury resulting from falling from any height results in more reduction in our quality of life more than any other common injury as we age.

The Shoulder and Hip are designed by evolution to give a bit to allow for a tuck and roll capacity during such an event to prevent cranial or spinal injury… It is not rocket science.

Osteopathic physicians’ dissection studies from the 1950-60s concluded that there exists a fascial connection from the shoulder down through the pelvis extending all the way to the feet.

They were correct… the simple inversion or eversion of the foot /ankle complex so often keeps us from experiencing significant injury yet, subcortical reflexes are often activated that perpetuate low back (sciatic), cervical and additional radicular chronic presentations.

Comprehending these relationships will assist you to help your clients on a daily basis.

Future Courses Outlined: Each adds to your comprehension of “how the body really works”
• Freeing the Heart: Releasing the Body’s Central Linkage
• Cervical Stenosis and Mobilizing the Shoulder
• Resolving Low Back Dysfunction & Pain
• Visceral Mobilization
• Cervical-Cranio Relationships: A Whiplash & Concussion Protocol (in design)


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