How To Succeed As A Massage Therapist

A Desire To Always Be Learning

If massage therapy is the career path you’ve chosen, we recommend that you have a desire to always be learning. Not only will all the new information gained make you a more well-equipped massage therapist, but it will ensure you stand out in your career.

There are best practices in every industry, and it’s essential to learn the ones within this field. However, you should go the extra mile and learn as much as you can! Maybe you discover a new technique that works wonders, or perhaps you find a specialty you want to pursue. Continued education can take you from professional to expert, so let curiosity get the best of you!

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Become A Great Interpersonal Communicator


While trying to be the best massage therapist you can be, you should always make your clients feel comfortable. Empathy is a crucial aspect of the skills you need to support your clients emotionally. Nobody likes to be in uncomfortable environments; make empathy a part of your massage therapy branding.

Active Listening

We’ve all heard of a good listener, but not many have heard of an active listener. A good listener responds, but an active listener understands. Understanding your client will allow you to identify the problems and resolve the muscle issues. Focusing on this trait will make you a better massage therapist for you and your clients.


From time to time, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Remember, you’re constantly trying to learn and improve, so try those new techniques or best practices you’ve researched. This will help with your development as a massage therapist as it challenges you, and people will admire you for your willingness to learn and try new things.

Time Management Skills 

A massage therapist’s day-to-day activities can be busy and often vastly different from the previous day. As a professional and as a successful massage therapist, time management is one of the key attributes.

Some of the most successful massage therapists include the following into their schedule:

  • Prep Time
  • Accounting Duties
  • Sanitation
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Massage
  • Self-Care
  • Clean-up
  • Education

For more information on how to succeed as a massage therapist, as well as details on continuing education courses for massage therapists, be sure to browse our website!


NC Massage School offers individualized training in the art and science of therapeutic massage for an advanced-level professional career, continuing education and personal growth. We believe in a holistic approach that encourages students to explore personal development of mind, body and spirit in a small, supportive environment.


“When I stepped away from school I realized how prepared I was and how ready I was to go somewhere with what I learned.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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