Top 6 Time Management Tips for Massage Therapists

Honest Time Management Advice

As a massage therapist, managing your time is essential. You must be able to deliver the right amount of time to every client who comes through your doors, yet it’s easy for the daily demands of your practice, the conversations with each client, and the details of your life to drain you of your time.

Time management is essential but not always easy to master. If you are the owner of a busy practice, these strategies will help you learn to take control of your time.

1. Create a Schedule

First, create a schedule so you learn to manage your day well. This will help you set expectations with clients and personal relationships so no one monopolizes your time. It will also help you see areas where you could manage your time more efficiently and ways you can work some rest into your schedule.

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2. Plan Your Work by the Minute

When a client comes for a massage, break the body down into primary areas, and know how much time you need for each. For example, you may spend five minutes on each leg and foot, 20 minutes on the back and shoulders, and 10 minutes on the head and neck. This leaves 2.5 minutes each for the arms and hands and five minutes for the glutes. You will have 10 minutes leftover in your one-hour massage for prep and talking with your client. Have a clock you can see in the dark to monitor this time as you go.

3. Break Big Tasks into Chunks

If you have a big task to tackle, such as the book work for your business, break it down into smaller, more manageable bits. This will reduce the risk that you will procrastinate and improve your chances of completing the entire task.

4. Prioritize Daily

Each day when you get up in the morning or head to the clinic, take your “to do” list and prioritize it. Sometimes your schedule will need to adjust as you have new demands on your time. By learning to take just a few minutes at the start of the day to prioritize your “to do” list, you will be better able to manage your demands.

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5. Plan Time for Yourself

“Me time” is a phrase that gets over-used, but you know how stressful life can be for people as a massage therapist. You need to build moments into your day that allow you to rest and reflect. By making it a part of your schedule, you’ll find that you can better manage the other demands on your day because you will be focused and rejuvenated.

6. Keep a Loose Hold on Your Schedule

Finally, remember that your plans and schedule need to be held loosely. Things will happen that change the course of your day. Your schedule can help you get back to the daily tasks, but it should not be treated as a dictator. Time management means having a plan but being willing to be flexible with that plan when necessary.

Your time is valuable. It’s the way you make money as a massage therapist. Learning to manage your time will make your business more successful and your day less stressful. Practice these techniques to get started.

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