Why All Athletes Should Get Massages Regularly

How Muscles Recover After a Massage

Whether you’re playing a sport professionally, collegiately, or recreationally, you put your body through an intense workout. Exerting your muscles over a prolonged period requires a calculated recovery process to prevent injuries, support tissue recovery, enhance exercise and performance, and get you back into action. To achieve these goals, you need to incorporate a regular massage from the top-notch professionals at North Carolina Massage School into your wellness routine.

Reduce Inflammation and Decrease Recovery Time

If you’ve never experienced a regular massage schedule, you have no idea how amazing your body should feel by default. Your muscles are continually striving to rebuild and recover, and a massage helps the process by minimizing and reducing inflammation. As an athlete, this process is incredibly essential to get you back in the gym or on the playing field with minimal downtime. A strategic massage releases energy repairs trauma and decreases recovery time.

Maximize Athletic Performance

When you’re playing a competitive sport, every small edge can make a massive difference. By getting a regular massage, you increase the blood flow to the fascia and muscle tissues. The blood circulation leads to swifter recovery time and a reduced level of soreness after competition or exercise. This also increases your flexibility and range of motion. When you’re trying to push yourself to new limits, a professional massage can make all the difference.

Decrease Risk of Injury

If you injure yourself during training or a game, you’ve set yourself back substantially. An injury means no more sports or training for weeks or months, and when you return, your mobility may be limited. Massage reduces inflammation, promotes relaxation, increases range of motion, and decreases muscle stiffness and fatigue. All of these factors combine to significantly reduce your risk of suffering an injury at any time.

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Reduce Pain

When you’re in pain, it can be challenging to focus on anything else. Pain makes us cautious and limits how hard we push ourselves during training or a game. When we’re striving to be great at whatever we do, we don’t want anything to get in the way. A massage reduces pain by promoting mitochondria creation to support energy and healing. A massage also decreases painful inflammation. A relaxing massage can reduce anxiety and melt away stress to help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Customizable for Your Goals

Not every massage is the same, because not every client comes in with the same goals. Our unique, holistic approach to massage therapy develops a new relationship with the mind and body that is tailor-fitted to your needs. Therapeutic massage is both an art and a science, and we utilize that understanding to bring you an excellent massage so you can push yourself without the pain.

Regular Massage Benefits Take Time

You won’t see results from your first couple of sessions in the gym. The same applies to a successful wellness routine. Regular massage will bring noticeable health benefits, lasting wellness, and enhanced athletic abilities. The key to realizing all of these benefits is consistency.

Kristy Serdinsky, Owner, and Director of Education at NC Massage School. With a background in teaching and administration in charter and private schools, Kristy’s dedication to helping others led her to open a massage spa in Cornelius in 2015. Now, she brings her expertise in education and the massage and bodywork industry to NC Massage School, blending her two passions to create a transformative learning experience.


We provide personalized training in the art and science of therapeutic massage, focusing on advanced-level professional careers, continuing education, and personal growth. Our philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach, which encourages our students to explore personal development of the mind, body, and spirit.


“What has impressed me the most is the instructor’s teaching style. While it is accepted that certain protocols must be followed, their hands-on approach is informative and encouraging.”

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