5 Benefits Massage Therapists Provide Weightlifters

People who have never had a therapeutic massage may think of the therapy as something for those suffering from injuries or joint pain problems, but there are far more people who can benefit from massage than these groups. Modern athletes can also benefit from the skills of a trained massage therapist. Weight lifters are one of the types of athletes who can get the most benefit. Here are five ways that massage therapy can help weight lifters recover more quickly and avoid injury.

Increased Flexibility
Weight lifters need more than just strong muscles to do their jobs. They also need flexibility. Increased muscle tension created during weight training sessions can reduce flexibility, and massage therapy can help with this by lessening the tightness in different muscle groups.

Increased Circulation
Increased circulation is one of the benefits of massage therapy that everyone experiences, but for weight lifters, it is perhaps even more noticeable. Tight, bulky muscles created during weight training slow down blood flow. This reduction in blood flow slows the removal of metabolites from the tissue, which slows down recovery. A therapeutic massage after a weight training session will ensure that blood flow is at its best and contribute to a faster, more effective recovery.

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Improved Sleep
Sleep is crucial to recovery during weight training. Massage therapy increases the quality and even quantity of your sleep. The better your sleep, the more effective your recovery will be. A relaxing massage after a training session can put the weight lifter into a deeper, longer sleep cycle.

Pain Reduction
“No pain, no gain” may be the mantra of some weight training coaches, but the truth is too much pain will impact a weight lifters’ results and can be the sign of a pending or existing injury. Muscular pain caused by injury or an overworking of the muscles can be reduced through massage.

Decreased Overall Tension
Tension, not just from the workout but also from the stresses of life, can make relaxation difficult. Relaxation is required for the recovery and muscle-building process. A massage therapist can help decrease tension for the weightlifter, helping the mind and body relax. Many weight lifters notice better performance of a result.

So how often should a weight lifter get a massage to recognize these benefits? Experts recommend once a week at a minimum. This will help improve flexibility, circulation and sleep patterns while reducing tension and pain to reduce injuries and improve performance.

If you are studying massage, make sure the athletes around you understand the benefits. Keep up with the latest classes offered through North Carolina Massage School to learn of classes that will help you treat athletes effectively.

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