Patients with Fibromyalgia Find Comfort in Massage Myofascial Release Therapy

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness surrounded by mystery. There is no known cause for the disorder, but it takes millions causing pain, depression, fatigue and physical discomfort. Myofascial Release therapy is a form of massage that has been proven to provide comfort to individuals who have been diagnosed with the disorder. While health professionals can’t pinpoint its actual cause, they can describe the benefits massage therapy has for each of the symptoms.

aaMassage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body involving light touch or deep pressure. Massage increases blood flow throughout the body, improving circulation and increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to muscles and tissues. During a massage, muscles within the body respond just as they do during exercise or from a workout. Toxins are released and flushed from the body. Muscles are moved and flexed, providing them with greater elasticity and better mobility.

As the body begins to relax, stress and tension that has accumulated over time is slowly released. Many studies have shown that individuals who get a massage on a regular basis, often sleep better than individuals who don’t. The massage paves the way for more relaxing and uneventful sleep. With the elimination of stress and tension, a person’s mood also lightens allowing for a more positive outlook.

Fibromyalgia patents may not know or understand why their body is hurting, but it is apparent that getting a massage can relieve many of its symptoms. Natural therapies, including massage, can actually provide long lasting benefits that reduce the need for pain killers and other medications that may have irritating side effects.


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