What You Need to Know about Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an ancient practice that is often viewed by many people as a luxury. While they may plan for a massage on a vacation or as a preparation for an upcoming special event, many people tend to overlook the powerful health benefits that massage has to offer. However, research is now beginning to show how massage therapy can improve a person’s health while relieving the symptoms of many common health conditions.

During a massage, a therapist will manipulate the soft tissues of the body by using their hands, fingertips and even their elbows to knead a person’s muscles. There are several different variations on massage techniques such as Swedish, sports and deep tissue massages. Each of these variations uses different techniques that are designed to create specific responses within a person’s soft tissues.

A massage can be used to help with many different health conditions. A person may choose to have a massage in order to heal better after an injury or to focus on specific trigger points for pain. Additionally, massage therapy has been shown to be effective for helping to relieve the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. For this reason, a massage can be therapeutic for a person’s body as well as their mind.

Although many people report significant benefits from having a massage, researchers are still actively pursuing studies that are designed to help them to understand exactly how the power of touch can positively impact a person’s body and mind.

Through these studies, it has been shown that massage can lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure while also helping to reduce the inflammation in their body. For this reason, massage therapy is ideal for treating chronic pains that occur with conditions such as arthritis.

Massage is also proven to be safe for everyone from infancy to pregnant women and the elderly. However, it is important for a person with a health condition to discuss massage therapy with their doctor. Then, it is also important to find a massage therapist that offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience so that a person can receive the most dramatic benefits. This way, a person will be able to begin to feel the positive changes that will occur in their body as soon as they begin to participate in massage therapy sessions.

Kristy Serdinsky, Owner, and Director of Education at NC Massage School. With a background in teaching and administration in charter and private schools, Kristy’s dedication to helping others led her to open a massage spa in Cornelius in 2015. Now, she brings her expertise in education and the massage and bodywork industry to NC Massage School, blending her two passions to create a transformative learning experience.


We provide personalized training in the art and science of therapeutic massage, focusing on advanced-level professional careers, continuing education, and personal growth. Our philosophy is rooted in a holistic approach, which encourages our students to explore personal development of the mind, body, and spirit.


“What has impressed me the most is the instructor’s teaching style. While it is accepted that certain protocols must be followed, their hands-on approach is informative and encouraging.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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