Massage Therapist Salary

One of the perks of becoming a massage therapist is the fact that the hours are flexible in comparison to other careers. It is also rewarding in that massage therapists are actively improving the lives of their clients on a daily basis. One of the biggest advantages, however, is the salary.

A massage therapist salary can vary dependent on industry experience, location, hours worked and education. Some massage therapists make more than 180,000 dollars a year while others make much less than that. Clients typically pay between 25 to 100 dollars an hour for their massage services. The average annual income of a massage therapist is slightly more than 29,000 dollars including tips. This is the average for about 15 hours of massage work a week.

Sometimes massage therapists have to spend money to make money. Owning the right tools is part of managing a strong business. Depending on the business a massage therapist works with, he or she may be required to provide their own massage tables, sheets and oils. Somebody who owns their own shop will spend part of the salary on marketing, association fees, insurance and rent.

Once you have your mind set on becoming a massage therapist you will most likely spend about two years in school. This is where you will learn to have compassion and sensitivity for your clients. You will learn what it means to be a high quality massage therapist. In addition, you will learn to remain positive while you interact with clients. Of course it is also helpful to learn techniques for marketing your skills and improving your reputation. While the salary can be great, massage therapy is a career that requires compassion. Massage therapists must have compassion for their clients because the career takes a significant amount of passion and dedication.


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