Massage & Its Healing Benefits

“One imagines tranquility and peace when they hear the word massage, but there are many types that are widely used ranging from the foot to the head, relaxing to therapeutic. Massages can help in instantly relaxing you from fatigue and tiredness and easing muscle pains, with Thai massage being the most relaxing and energizing form of massage technique.

Thai massage originated from India around 2,500 years ago, which then spread to other parts of Asia including Thailand. This type of massage is therapeutic. Thai massage was further developed by a physician Buddha named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha who is regarded as the ‘Father of Medicine’. For centuries, Buddhist monks have practiced Thai massage for spiritual healing in temples and it is based on the theory that our body is ruled by life forces, an imbalance which can lead to many diseases. The purpose of Thai massage is to balance these forces, and indirectly help in a healing process.

Many places will provide loose clothing for you to change into, but bear in mind that not all do this so wear loose clothing just in case and don’t have a heavy meal prior to going for a massage. Thai massage does not require oils unlike other methods of massage and is performed on a padded mat on the floor. You will be asked to lie on your back on the mat, then they will apply gentle strokes using their hands, knees legs and feet following the energy lines on your body, starting with the legs and moving up to body parts.

A Thai massage is usually carried out on a 1-2 hour session on a monthly basis, but if the condition of the patient is bad it may be carried out 2-3 times a month. Thai massage does not require the removal of clothing as with other massage techniques and is associated with many health benefits such as, blood circulation, improvement of mobility, increase of energy levels, deep relaxation, reduction of muscle pain and spasm, stress, calms nerves, relieves fatigue, clears toxins, headaches, migraines, sciatica along with many more ailments.

Any one suffering from heart problems, blood pressure, osteoporosis, hemophilia, phlebitis, lymphatic cancer or any skin diseases should refrain from having a Thai massage. There are many who go to spas or gyms in order to find relaxation and peace from a massage, while others will call out a mobile masseuse. The Deep Tissue Massage is very popular among athletes and those who indulge in strenuous exercise as it helps in reducing stress and chronic pain in muscles. This version of massage stimulates stressed muscles which block the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body. It involves slow, deep, and prolonged pressure strokes on the contracted area.  This breaks up the scar tissue, loosens muscles and improves mobility. Getting a deep tissue massage will help untie knots and deeply held tension in the muscle.

A build up of toxins in the deep layers of muscle and tendons can lead to inflammation of the muscles which can cause inconvenience to your daily life and restrict your daily routine. Some muscle pain caused by heavy workouts, incorrect posture, sitting for lengths of time can contribute to neck, shoulder and back pain. Deep massage techniques are used to rid you of these discomforts which include the use of more pressure than normal massage.

One of the deep tissue massage methods requires pressure applied directly over the sore area which is maintained until there is no more resistance.   The use of the hands, elbows, fingers and knuckles is common, along with massage tools like ceramic, wooden and glass objects for Deep Tissue Massage, applying as much pressure as is necessary to the affected area,  eventually  loosening the muscle and giving it flexibility. This deep muscle massage is a time consuming procedure as more time is given to the areas with most tension.”
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