Touch for Health Kinesiology I

Touch for Health Kinesiology I
Muscle Testing for Massage Therapists

Instructor: Randall Gibson

August 20-21, 2016

Sat. – Sun. 9:00-5:00

15 CEs

Early Registration $250

After August 6, 2016 – Registration is $295

In this class, you will study 14 muscles and become familiar with their associated acupuncture meridians. You will learn how to accurately test each of these muscles using a refined manual resistive testing method. When a problem or weakness is discovered, you will practice using neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular reflexes and origin/insertion technique to resolve it. Also included in this class are methods of pain relief, food testing and an amazingly effective technique called emotional stress release (ESR).

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to perform a general treatment protocol called a “Touch For Health Balancing”. You will also be able to balance your partner for a specific goal, which utilizes the nervous system and conscious mind in order to enhance results. This easily learned set of skills can be used to keep you, your loved ones and your clients at optimal levels of health.

Prerequisite: None

(Note: An excellent complement to this class is a one-day seminar called “The Meridian Connection”. Take them together if possible.)


Develop skill at manual resistive muscle testing and easily correcting functional weakness in 14 major muscles.


By participating in this class, you will be able to:

Demonstrate proficiency in manual resistive testing (muscle monitoring)
Evaluate 14 major, postural muscles and their associated acupuncture meridians
Balance a partner’s energy using neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular and spinal reflexes, origin / insertion technique, food and Emotional Stress Release (ESR).
Relieve emotional stress and tension using the ESR technique.
Demonstrate balancing the energy of a partner who cannot be muscle tested.
Learn how muscle testing can be applied to clinical bodywork practice
Describe the benefits of TFH balancing in co-ordination, vision, sensory input, posture and simple pain relief.

Instructor Bio:
Randall been licensed to practice massage in Ohio for over 30 years and has taught massage therapy professionally for over 20 years as a faculty member of the National Institute of Massotherapy.

He holds a Master’s degree in counseling from Kent State University and has completed an eighteen month training program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

Randall is certified in Shiatsu by the Shizendokai in Japan, certified in Craniosacral Therapy by the Upledger Institute and holds an RPP (Registered Polarity Practitioner) and RPE (Registered Polarity Educator) from the American Polarity Therapy Association. He is also a registered “Touch For Health Kinesiology” instructor.

In addition to the above, Randall is certified in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (St. John method), and has studied Myofascial Release and Postural Integration for a solid background in structural bodywork and clinical massage therapy.

NCBTMB Continuing Education Approved Provider #450558-07


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“When I stepped away from school I realized how prepared I was and how ready I was to go somewhere with what I learned.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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