Teaching! Getting Started with Nancy Toner Weinberger

Teaching! Getting Started with Nancy Toner Weinberger

Friday & Saturday, August 5 & 6, 2016

Instructor:  Nancy Toner Weinberger


14 CEs

Early Registration:  $280

After July 29th –   Registration is $300


Teaching! Getting Started.

Teaching is a calling that often comes when mastery is attained. But making the transition from doing to teaching can be a perilous leap. This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to make that leap gracefully, elegantly, with planning, understanding, and a commitment that is true to self.

We will discuss the many opportunities to get started teaching, including one-on-one, informal small groups, and more formal settings, such as schools. You will gain some basic knowledge of generally accepted teaching methods, and have an opportunity to give a short talk, if you would like. You will have an opportunity to get clear on how and where you want to get started teaching, and begin to create a personal timeline for achieving your goals.

Two-day class, 9:30-6:00 each day, with 1 1/2 hour lunch. For 14 NCBTMB approved CE contact hours. Tuition $280.
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Learning Outcomes:
1. Assess your own level of readiness for teaching.
2. Begin to realize the impact stepping into the role of teacher can have on your life.
3. Identify at least 4 different arenas in which a massage therapist might establish herself as a teacher.
4. Develop and write down a personal plan for moving into teaching, including a realistic estimate of possible financial rewards.
5. Explain adult learning theory, its history, and its tenets.
6. Explain the term “learning styles;” name, and describe the impact on learning of the three learning styles related to sensory information processing.
7. Explain the purpose of learning objectives and learning outcomes, and the required components of each. Successfully write one learning objective and one learning outcome.
8. Name and explain the 3 learning domains, and how to identify in which learning domain your teaching material belongs.
9. Explain how learning domains help you choose an appropriate teaching method for the material you wish to teach.
10.Describe how to organize the material you wish to teach in a timeline format (lesson plan) that meets established education guidelines.


Intros, course overview

Motivation and opportunities

Owning your desire to teach
Owning your impact
Teaching opportunities
Differences- CE & Massage School
Earning potential for teaching
Constructing a Class

Introduction to Learning Domains
Elements of a course Outline
Introduction to learning objectives
Introduction to Learning Styles
How to organize the material you want to present- times, beginning-middle-end

Principles of adult learning theory;
Your role as Teacher- You are in charge
Ways to teach the material you want to present & tips:
Didactic methods
Hands-On methods
Getting up in front of the room: Student Presentations

Class Evals- your opportunity for feedback
Set goals and timeline for your future teaching
Technology- what you need to know
Set goals and timeline for your future teaching;
Conclusions, Evaluations, Certificates
Just bring pen and paper.

NCBTMB Continuing Education Approved Provider #450558-07


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“When I stepped away from school I realized how prepared I was and how ready I was to go somewhere with what I learned.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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