Power vs Pain w/Nancy Toner Weinberger

8 CE Hours
Saturday, October 14, 2017

8 CE hours – $195
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After October 7th – price is $205

Instructor: Nancy Toner Weinberger

Muscle recruitment techniques “wake up” the body. They can be used to re-activate muscles that are not pulling their fair share of the load in life, and they can be used to moderate muscles that overwork or have so much tone that they can do no work for us because no more contraction is available. These techniques can also be used to train the body to respond to muscular demands integratively, thus reducing stress and preventing injury in the daily activities of life.

The techniques can be successfully applied with clients who are weak or tight, in chronic pain, or recovering from any number of orthopedic injuries. They are excellent for the elderly, as well as the bed-ridden. These techniques can benefit athletes by bringing them to their full muscular power. The technique is quick, easy to learn, and easy to incorporate into any type of massage or bodywork you may practice; it produces surprisingly rapid results.

Learning objectives:
At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to:

Explain the relationship between muscle and mind and how this relationship can be used to revitalize the musculature of the body.
Explain the mechanisms of balance and proprioception in the body and the responsive role of the musculature.
Directly experience muscular response to demands of balance.
Assess the need for muscle recruitment in a client’s body, identify blockages, and determine which muscle recruitment techniques to incorporate in a session.
Demonstrate 12 specific muscle recruitment techniques for clients who are standing, sitting and lying down.

2 Hours with a 15 min break
Lecture: Organizing Muscle Recruitment & the mind
Lecture; experiential exercise alone and with a partner: Balance & Proprioception- Standing, weight shifting, balance, walking

1 Hour
Lecture and demonstration: Moderating the response vs building the response
Prolonged effort vs shortened effort; moderated response; A tight muscle is a weak muscle. Language is important.


1.5 Hours
Instructor Demonstration and Student Practice: Legs on the table; turn out, turn in, knee; frog leg; wooden soldier; prone moves.

Break- 20 minutes

1 Hour 40 min
Demonstration followed by student practice: Shoulders standing and sitting
Demonstration followed by student practice: Shoulders on the table
Demonstration followed by student practice: Intercostals and better breathing

.5 Hours
Lecture: Types of applications
Evals, Certificates

The 8-hour version of the class includes an additional hour of Supervised Practice.

We are a fully furnished massage school facility and provide Oakworks massage tables, linens, class tables, and computer/projector for overhead presentations.

Please bring massage table linens.

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