Indian Head, Face & Foot Massage with Ayurvedic Oils – SOUTHERN PINES LOCATION

Indian Head, Face & Foot Massage with Ayurvedic Oils

219 Crestview Road
Southern Pines, NC 28387

Instructor:  Wolfgang Luckmann

Friday, July 20, 2018


8 CEs

Early Registration is only $140.

After July 13th – Price is $160

Wolfgang Luckmann is an initiate into the American Massage Therapy Hall of Fame for 2015!!! Congratulations Wolfgang!!!

Did you know that the skin is no more separate from the brain than the surface of a lake is separate from its depths.  They are two different locations in a continuous medium.  To touch the surface is to stir the depths.  –  Deane Juhan  (author of Job’s Body)


Indian Head Massage has been practiced for centuries as part of the family health care.  Indian mothers would massage their children’s hair, head, neck and shoulders to stimulate growth and relaxation.


What are the Benefits?:

To eliminate excess

To purify

To strengthen or rejuvenate

To maintain strength

Understanding and reinforcing the individuality of the patient

Anti-aging, skinlift for the skin and face


In Addition:

Ayurvedic massage goes beyond the purely aesthetic and superficial

Ayurvedic massage also stimulates nerve function (e.g.  Bells Palsy)

Improves relaxation, creating calmness and emotional well-being

Concentration and alertness are optimized

Myofascial pain, fibromyalgia and chronic internal disorders are addressed through stretches, opening up of the meridians and Ayurvedic acupressure points.

Other benefits include:  Relief from tension headaches, eye-strain, ear problems, neck and shoulder stiffness, sinusitis, scalp tension and mental fatigue.


Purpose of Workshop:

How to incorporate massage, oils and pressure point technique in 45 minutes.

Explanation of the Ayurvedic understanding of the life force Prana, Ayurvedic massage and medicine.

How to evaluate, analyze and treat the client as an individual.

The three different types of massage suited for each individual.

An explanation of the functions of and locations of marmas (pressure points) and nadis (meridian system).

The purpose of appropriate essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and energetic qualities for each individual client.

How to match the personality type (Dosha) to the massage stroke and oils.


This is mainly a HANDS ON course!  Bring a hand towel.


We are a fully furnished massage school facility and provide Oakworks massage tables, class tables, and computer/projector for overhead presentations.

Just bring massage table linens and wear comfortable clothing (wear or bring shorts). Women wear (or bring) sports bra.

NCBTMB Continuing Education Approved Provider #279778-00


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“When I stepped away from school I realized how prepared I was and how ready I was to go somewhere with what I learned.”

– Kaitlyn Boullosa

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