Our Autonomic and Enteric Systems in Touch and Movement

6 CE Hours
TUESDAY, April 21, 2020

9:30 – 4:30
6 CE hours – $130
Early registration special is $130

After April 14th – Registration is $140

Instructor:  Bob Lehnberg

Our Autonomic and Enteric Systems in Touch and Movement

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) lies below our direct volitional control. It has two branches. The sympathetic branch mobilizes our resources outward and expends energy. The parasympathetic branch mobilizes our resources inward and is recuperative. The earliest patterning of our internal and external pathways was set up during our embryological development by the Autonomic Fluid Rhythm. A fluid rhythm patterned our autonomic system even before nerves formed. Tapping into and supporting this fluid foundation can help us and our clients re-pattern outer-directed and inner-directed resources.

The vagus nerve is the largest nerve of the autonomic nervous system. It is multi-tiered and involved in the responses of freeze, mobilization and social engagement. We will learn and practice partnered activities to engage different vagal responses and ultimately increase our ventral vagal tone. These can easily be shared with our clients.

The enteric nervous system (the “gut brain”) innervates our gastrointestinal system. It is an independent system that is regulated by the vagus nerve. Simple manual methods and practitioner intent can support enteric balance.

This class is based largely on principles of Body-Mind Centering® and is aimed to help practitioners refine their somatic presence, manual applications and support somatic intelligence through skilled touch and movement.

Participants learn to broaden and apply their touch and presence to the modalities and protocols they already use. Class is open to all levels of experience.

We begin class with simple qigong exercise and continue with informational A&P, experiential and manual activities. Please wear comfortable, modest clothing and come scent-free.

For more information visit: www.intouchsomatics.com.

In 1990, Bob Lehnberg received his certification as Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering© (BMCsm) and in 2002 Teacher of BMC. Since then Bob has received teacher certifications for BMC and Yoga, Integral Yoga and Supreme Science Qigong. He has been teaching in schools of massage therapy and programs of somatic training since 1990 and has had the good fortune to teach embodiment and somatic practices throughout the US and internationally in Italy, Germany, France, Canada, China and Taiwan. Bob is a co-founder of Kinesthetic Learning Center in Durham, NC and on the core faculty teaching and coordinating the BMC Somatic Movement Educator and Practitioner certification programs from 2007 to 2018.

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